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The severe and often catastrophic injuries resulting from commercial truck accidents can have long-term impacts. The health complications resulting from injuries can cause great financial losses. However, compensation for these injuries can be sought to alleviate mounting financial pressures. Charlotte is a thriving metropolis with a large commercial district. Interstate routes are filled with commercial trucks and other vehicles because these are essential paths.

For instance, I-85 bypasses the Charlotte Douglass International Airport and northeastward towards the uptown section where it junctions with I-77. There are poorly designed roads and intersections risks compounded with thoughtless drivers who cause accidents. The site of Bermont Road and SR 31 is a good example having a record of 168 crashes since 2017 leading to 7 fatal and 52 reported injuries. Recent accidents of overturning trucks there include one with a hazardous spill and another of fleeing bees. High speed and inattentive driving have been reported as the leading causes of these crashes.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash due to the negligence of a truck driver, you may be able to recover financial compensation for your losses. The attorneys at Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, P.A. are experienced in truck accident injury representation. Our team is known for our dedication to our clients.

How a Lawyer Can Help with Your Charlotte Commercial Truck Accident Claim

It’s heartbreaking to watch your loved ones suffer injuries or struggle to help you cope with the catastrophic losses of a truck accident. North Carolina’s truck driving accident victims ordinarily have three years only to file a legal claim against the negligent driver. A lawyer who promptly takes on a case will gather the evidence needed to establish that careless driving caused the accident or if other types of negligence caused the injuries.

Another area where a lawyer’s experience is critical is in demonstrating the severity of the damages or losses. The term “damages” is used to identify the following suffered after the accident:

  • Long term financial & wage shortfalls
  • Physical losses
  • Property losses
  • Psychological losses
  • Emotional losses

Professional experience in this area can be central for proper adjudication and the final amount awarded. Experience in providing a real and robust picture of life’s struggles after the accident can make a difference in the final outcome and the impact a life-changing injury will have over time.

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Commercial Truck Laws & Accident Statistics in North Carolina

There is ample evidence that truck accidents can be preventable. The 32% decline of 32 fatal crashes involving large trucks from 1980 to 2015 has been linked to precautionary measures. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires drivers to go through routine physicals. Electronic logbooks of their hours have been implemented to avoid overexerted drivers on the roads. Under federal and state regulations, the length of time a commercial driver can spend behind the wheel has been proven to impact the driver’s efforts to comply with safety measures.

Truck drivers are also drug tested randomly and held to a much lower blood alcohol level than the general public in order to prevent accidents. In spite of all these preventive measures, truck driver negligence continues to cause accidents.

Moreover, commercial truck companies are notorious for fighting these cases and blaming other factors. Experience in this area of law can, therefore, be essential to a successful outcome. There are many elements at play in these cases that make experience a critical tool for effective legal representation.

In addition, accident reconstruction experts are allowed to testify in North Carolina truck negligence cases. Accident reconstruction is permitted in trials where an expert can assist the fact-finding process. The expert recreates the conditions, actions, speed, and other causes of the accident. This professional is expected to propose reliable conclusions as to the drivers’ actions and conditions in preventing or worsening the course of the accident’s events. This can be particularly complicated in truck cases where questions about the actions of the truck driver in failing to secure the hazardous cargo can be critical to demonstrating the ways in which injuries could have been prevented.

However, accident reconstruction isn’t needed in all cases and may turn to be a long and wasteful exercise in a situation where the facts can be substantiated with information that is widely available. A skilled attorney will fight for an injured victim’s rights and prevent a long and unnecessarily complicated judicial process. For example, A large truck is defined as a truck with a weight higher than 10,000 pounds. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ample data showing that trucks weighing 33,000 pounds or more cause the most fatal accidents.

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If there is clear proof a large commercial truck driver was speeding or careless in turning, then the data that is widely available compounded with the actions of the driver may make convoluted expert testimony a problematic tool. Commercial companies will try to complicate cases in order to avoid paying the injured victim. Seasoned commercial truck accident attorneys are generally familiars with these crafty tactics used to confuse and complicate juries.

It’s important to talk to a seasoned attorney before the time to seek legal redress runs out. Call your Charlotte truck accident attorney at (704) 377-3737.

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