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A person or entity who negligently causes personal injury or property damage should be held accountable. There is massive injustice when someone has to endure severe physical and emotional injuries due to someone else’s carelessness. There is help available if you were injured in Huntersville, North Carolina. Most victims of personal injuries find themselves with unexpected medical problems and mounting debt, and some are unable to go back to work. With the right legal representation, you can pursue all causes of action available against those responsible for your losses.

At Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, P.A., you can receive high-quality legal representation if you or someone you know suffered injuries in an accident occurring in Huntersville, North Carolina. Contact the accomplished team of attorneys at Dewey, Ramsay, & Hunt, P.A., for a review of the causes of action available and to determine what steps need to be taken. They are known for their skilled legal representation from the initial investigation through the end of the. They proudly serve the Huntersville community.

Personal Injury Claims Our Huntersville Law Firm Handles

A personal injury lawsuit typically addresses the wrongful or negligent conduct of someone whose actions fall short of reasonable care. The legal concept of negligence doesn’t relate to a state of mind of carelessness. Legal negligence is conduct indicative of fault, specifically in creating the risk of harm. The ultimate issue in negligence cases is the reasonableness of behavior, not the reasonableness of belief about the safety of others.

Generally speaking, everyone should act with the safety of others in mind. However, when someone acts or fails to act by known standards, they can be held responsible for their actions. The following are common types of personal injuries causes of action:

Product Liability

Consumers have a right to seek redress when a defective product harms them. No commercial product should be sold if it creates a risk of harm to consumers. If a defective product injured you, there are legal protections in North Carolina.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you were injured in a crash in Huntersville, North Carolina, you may find yourself with a complicated legal case. Underinsurance law, North Carolina is an at-fault state. Thus, crash victims typically have to establish who is at fault for the accident to obtain a proper recovery. With comprehensive legal representation, you can make educated and strategic decisions throughout your negotiations with insurance agents or by filing a civil lawsuit.

Construction Injuries

Injuries in construction sites can be some of the most catastrophic and devastating types of harm. Frequently, when construction workers are hurt on the job, the accident is caused by the employer’s failure to comply with safety guidelines. This wrongful conduct can be appropriately redressed with the right legal representation.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Victims of slip and fall injuries can face a wide array of serious and disabling injuries. Dangerous conditions typically cause these injuries when someone neglected to correct a hazard or carelessly created unsafe conditions. This unsafe conduct is patently wrong, and someone should be held accountable. Your attorney can help you navigate the process of seeking accountability and appropriate compensation for your damages.

Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries

A wide variety of accidents can cause spinal cord and brain injuries. However, it is widely accepted that these are generally the result of someone’s wrongful or negligent conduct. The reality for these injured victims is that they will need lifelong assistance, and their medical needs can be extensive. You need a knowledgeable team of attorneys at your side fighting for your rights.

Suing for Accident Injuries in Huntersville, NC

Some of the most common legal terms used to refer to financial compensation include “losses” and “damages.” Legal remedies for damages can take a variety of forms depending on the statutes and legal rights at stake. The legal concepts of compensation for injuries have been developed over time and designed to vindicate the victim’s rights. Since the determination of a judicial finding providing compensation can involve the complicated process of placing a value on your losses, you stand a better chance of compensation with an experienced attorney at your side. There are different types of compensation depending on your legal claim. Common damages include:

  • Statutory damages involve amounts or calculation formulas provided by statutes or laws.
  • Liquidated damages represent efforts by either plaintiffs or defendants to specify an amount or a formula the court used to calculate damages.
  • Compensatory damages are intended to repay any losses.

Your attorney typically works with healthcare professionals experienced in reviewing injuries and determining as accurately as possible the extent to which medical and other financial expenses will impact your life. Experienced personal injury attorneys understand the complex concepts that can come up in these calculations. The skilled team of attorneys of Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, P.A., will fight for your rightful compensation at every juncture.

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