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At Dewey, Ramsay, & Hunt, P.A., our Charlotte orthopedic injury lawyers understand the far-reaching consequences our clients suffer from debilitating harm to their musculoskeletal system.

Often, orthopedic injuries relate to the bones and joints and are a result of an accident or trauma to the body that can occur during traffic collisions or slip and fall incidents.

If you have suffered an orthopedic injury caused by another person or party’s negligence in North Carolina, our personal injury attorneys can help you determine who is liable for your full financial recovery.

You may require lengthy medical care, extended time away from work, and endure physical and psychological challenges that overwhelm your ability to perform day-to-day tasks and disrupt your overall quality of life.

That is why we are here.

Your first meeting with our law firm will be with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney, so you can immediately understand your legal rights and options to pursue the negligent party that caused your harm.

Our Mecklenburg County personal injury lawyers customize each case using both personalized attention and expansive resources to pursue maximum results, so you can get your life back.

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What are Orthopedic Injuries?

Orthopedic injuries are those that occur to the vertebrae, joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and muscles.

They often include:

  • ACL tears
  • Cervicalgia
  • Degenerative disc disease / degenerative arthritis of cervical, thoracic, or lumbar discs
  • Fractures and sprains/strains
  • Herniated discs
  • Occipital headaches or occipital neuralgia, a chronic pain disorder
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Soft tissue injuries, including whiplash
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Tennis elbow

At Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, our skilled personal injury lawyers in Charlotte understand the stress, discomfort, and challenges a person faces after suffering from a serious fracture or orthopedic injury.

What Types of Accidents Can Lead to Orthopedic Injuries in North Carolina?

When negligence is a factor, there is no limit to the types of accidents that can cause debilitating orthopedic injuries.

Our leading personal injury attorneys in Charlotte represent clients throughout North Carolina who have been injured in:

At Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, our skilled orthopedic injury lawyers in Charlotte understand the physical and psychological recovery needs our clients will have to endure after an accident changes their lives.

We want to help ensure you or your loved one gets the medical care you need to reach maximum medical improvement, so you can get your life back.

Contact us today to learn more about your legal rights and options to pursue the negligent party who caused your injuries, so you are not left paying for your long-term care out of pocket.

Costly Treatment Requirements Can Place Orthopedic Injury Victims in Financial Trouble

The treatment requirements necessary for orthopedic injuries depend mainly on the kind of damage and the patient’s overall health.

Treatment will often include various recovery methods consisting of rest, surgery, physical therapy, and pain management, and will be explained thoroughly by the orthopedic specialists who are charged with your care.

Pursuing accurate and fair financial compensation from the negligent party’s insurance provider requires an experienced orthopedic injury attorney to outline your complete recovery needs.

Those may include:

  • Current and future medical care needs, including surgical requirements
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages and diminished working capacity
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering

As each of our clients strives to regain their mobility and independence after suffering an orthopedic injury, our skilled personal injury lawyers help them pursue the financial compensation they need to pay for medical care today as well as any rehabilitation they will need in the future.

At Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, our Charlotte personal injury lawyers fight for each of our new clients just as we have while recovering millions of dollars for injury victims throughout North Carolina in past cases to ensure they can heal efficiently, and that their expenses are covered, and dignity restored.

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