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At Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, P.A., our Charlotte truck accident attorneys know that last year alone, there were 5,788 people killed and an estimated 154,993 people injured in traffic crashes involving large trucks throughout the U.S.

Closer to home, the North Carolina Traffic Crash Facts reported 4,336 crashes involving semi-trucks throughout the state that caused 1,087 injuries and 65 fatalities.

The reality is when large trucks, like semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles, are involved in a collision, 72% of people killed are occupants of other vehicles.

If you lost a loved one in a fatal semi-truck accident caused by negligence in North Carolina, we want to hear your story and help you seek justice for your family so you can take the time you need to heal together. Contact our experienced Charlotte fatal truck accident lawyers today to schedule a free consultation so you can make informed decisions about the direction of your claim.

Fatal Truck Accident Attorneys in Charlotte

What are the Most Common Causes of Fatal Semi-Truck Crashes in North Carolina?

Fatal truck crashes can result from a combination of factors, often involving the actions of truck drivers, trucking companies, and other third parties that assist in the industry’s movements.

Some of the most common causes of fatal truck crashes in North Carolina include, but are not limited to:

  • Driver Fatigue

Long hours of driving without adequate rest can lead to fatigue, impaired judgment, and slower reaction times. Fatigued truck drivers are more prone to causing accidents.

  • Speeding

Excessive speeding, whether to meet delivery deadlines or due to other factors, is a common factor in fatal truck crashes. High speeds reduce the driver’s ability to react to sudden changes in traffic conditions, which can lead to deadly crashes.

  • Distracted Driving

Distractions like texting, using a mobile phone, eating, or adjusting in-cab technology can divert a truck driver’s attention from the road, leading to accidents.

  • Impaired Driving

Although commercial truck drivers are held to strict standards regarding alcohol and drug use, not all follow the state or federal laws that should keep them from being impaired while driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs significantly increases the risk of fatal truck crashes.

  • Inadequate Training

Insufficient training for truck drivers can result in poor decision-making, improper handling of the vehicle, and an increased likelihood of accidents.

  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Trucks that are not properly maintained may experience mechanical failures, like brake malfunctions or tire blowouts, which can lead to catastrophic accidents.

  • Overloaded or Improperly Loaded Trucks

Trucks carrying loads that exceed weight limits or are improperly loaded can become unstable, making them more prone to accidents, especially during turns or sudden stops.

  • Negligence in Adverse Weather Conditions

Reduced visibility and slippery roads increase the risk of crashes. Failure to adjust driving behavior in adverse weather conditions, like rain or fog, can lead to fatal accidents.

  • Aggressive Driving

Aggressive behaviors, such as tailgating, road rage, or aggressive lane changes, can escalate situations and contribute to fatal truck accidents.

  • Failure to Obey Traffic Laws

Violations of traffic laws, like running red lights, ignoring stop signs, or failing to yield the right of way, can lead to collisions with severe consequences.

  • Insufficient Surveillance

Failing to check blind spots or neglecting to use mirrors properly can lead to accidents with devastating outcomes.

  • Lack of Communication

Poor communication between truck drivers and other road users, such as failure to use turn signals or communicate intentions, can contribute to accidents.

Addressing the causes of fatal truck crashes requires a comprehensive approach, including improved training, stricter regulations, effective enforcement, and increased awareness among all road users. Until truck drivers, trucking companies, truck manufacturers, and other third-party trucking industry professionals work in unison to ensure all safety regulations are followed each day, people are going to continue to lose their lives in these tragic, fatal truck accidents.

We will be here to help ensure the at-fault party, or combination of parties, are held liable for the lives lost in fatal truck crashes throughout North Carolina.

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