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At Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, P.A., our Charlotte car accident attorneys know that North Carolina law defines reckless driving as “carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others.” According to the Insurance Information Institute, more than 56% of all fatal accidents in the U.S. are linked to reckless driving.

Closer to home, the North Carolina Department of Insurance reported historically high deadly car crashes throughout the state last year, with 1,755 traffic fatalities. Four significant factors caused the most fatal accidents last year: speeding, texting while driving, driving while under the influence, and riding without wearing a seatbelt. Primarily, reckless driving may include any of these and other dangerous behaviors on the road.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a North Carolina auto accident caused by a reckless driver, our experienced Charlotte personal injury attorneys can help build your case to prove liability so you and your family can pursue total compensation for your damages.

Reckless Driving Accident & Injury Lawyer in Charlotte

What are the Most Common Forms of Reckless Driving in North Carolina?

Reckless driving is considered a serious traffic offense and typically involves behavior beyond mere negligence or simple carelessness and includes intentional actions on the driver’s part, demonstrating a conscious disregard for the potential risks and consequences.

Some of the most common forms of reckless driving in North Carolina may include, but are not limited to:

  • Aggressive tailgating.
  • Blocking cars attempting to pass or change lanes.
  • Changing lanes without signaling.
  • Cutting in front of another driver and then slowing down.
  • Distracted driving.
  • Driving illegally on the road-shoulder.
  • Driving too fast for the conditions.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Evading law enforcement.
  • Excessive speeding.
  • Illegally passing a stopped school bus while loading or unloading children.
  • Passing vehicles on a curve or no passing zone.
  • Running stop signs, yield signs, or traffic lights.
  • Speeding in heavy traffic.
  • Tailgating.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic.

When our dedicated auto accident attorneys can prove the driver was liable for your crash because of reckless driving, we can help build your case to pursue the damages you suffered during the collision.

How Can I Prove the Driver Who Hit Me Was Driving Recklessly?

Proving that the driver who hit you was driving recklessly typically involves gathering evidence and presenting it in a way that supports your claim.

Here are steps you can take to strengthen your case:

  • Document the Scene

Take photographs of the accident scene, including the position of the vehicles, road conditions, traffic signals, and any relevant road signs. This visual evidence can be crucial in demonstrating the circumstances of the accident.

  • Collect Witness Statements

If there were eyewitnesses to the accident, collect their names and contact information. Witness statements can provide valuable independent accounts of what happened.

  • Call Law Enforcement

Ensure that the police are called to the scene to document the incident. The police report can serve as an official record and may include the officer’s assessment of fault.

  • Retrieve Surveillance Footage

In urban areas, there may be traffic cameras, surveillance cameras on nearby buildings, or dashcams from other vehicles that captured the accident. Our attorneys can help you obtain this footage if available.

  • Request 911 Call Recordings

If someone calls 911 to report the accident, there may be recordings of the call that can provide additional details about the incident.

  • Check for Traffic Violations

If the driver who hit you was cited for traffic violations, such as speeding or running a red light, it can support your reckless driving claim. If the other driver has a history of traffic violations or reckless driving, this information may be relevant to establishing a pattern of unsafe driving behavior. Our attorneys can help gather this information to help strengthen your claim.

  • Preserve Physical Evidence

Maintain any physical evidence of the accident, such as damaged property, skid marks, or debris. This evidence can help reconstruct the events leading up to the collision.

  • Seek Medical Care and Retail All Documentation

Seek medical care as soon as you leave the accident scene. If the nature of the injuries suggests a high-impact collision, medical records can support the accident’s severity and may indicate reckless driving.

  • Document Your Injuries

Document your injuries with photographs. This visual evidence can help establish the severity of harm caused by reckless driving.

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