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How a Commercial Vehicle’s “Black Box” Impacts a North Carolina Accident Claim

July 29, 2022

Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys at Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, P.A. know the devastating toll a North Carolina truck accident can take on our clients’ immediate well-being and their futures.

Unfortunately, the insurance company is going to do everything it can to prevent truck accident injury victims from getting a fair settlement for the damages they suffered during the crash.

When commercial vehicles like semi-trucks, construction equipment trucks, and delivery trucks are responsible for collisions on our North Carolina roadways, the business or corporation’s insurance company is going to respond quickly. The goal of a quick response is to mitigate their exposure and minimize their policyholder’s liability. That begins with locating the truck’s “black box.”

The black box information that is captured onboard these large vehicles is critical to how our truck accident cases unfold. However, the trucking company may try to suppress or manipulate the data, so it cannot be used to hold the company or driver liable for our client’s injuries.

If you have been in an accident involving a semi-truck or another large commercial vehicle in North Carolina, it is essential to contact our Charlotte commercial truck accident lawyers right away.

We will fight to preserve the black box information and hold the truck driver and trucking company responsible for your complete financial recovery needs.

What is a Commercial Truck’s Black Box?

Most commercial vehicles and semi-trucks have an Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) that records the crucial details regarding the truck’s movements.

The EDR, or black box, records the truck driver’s behaviors behind the wheel, including speed, sudden braking or failing to brake, swerving and other wheel movements, clutch application, and any mechanical malfunctions that may have contributed to the collision.

The EDR may also contain communications records between the truck driver and the trucking company or may reveal key facts about the truck’s driving and maintenance history, which could prove invaluable to our client’s case.

Most EDRs record data for about 30 days before the information is recorded over. This timeline may be shorter if the trucking company changes the settings on how long the device records — or if they delete data altogether.

That is why it is important to discuss your truck accident with a skilled Charlotte personal injury attorney right away, so we can preserve critical EDR evidence to help build your case for success.

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