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How Do Insurance Companies Investigate North Carolina Personal Injury Claims?

December 15, 2021

At Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, P.A., our Charlotte personal injury attorneys believe the more our clients know about the legal process, the more they can make informed decisions about the direction of their cases.

We explain to each of our injured clients in North Carolina not just our role in pursuing the financial recovery they need to get their lives back, but how the insurance company investigates the accident and responds to our demands, so they understand both sides of their claim.

Whether you were hurt in a car crash, construction accident, or slip and fall incident, the negligent party’s insurance company is going to do everything they can to undervalue or deny your claim.

Our Charlotte personal injury lawyers can help change their response by putting your financial recovery needs in perspective while building your case for success.

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How Do Insurance Companies Evaluate Liability After an Accident with Injuries?

Insurance companies even the ones that know their policyholders were at-fault for our client’s injuries — all begin their investigations the same way: By refusing to take responsibility.

Their best interests will come first, and that means protecting their bottom line.

As pressure from our personal injury attorneys mounts, the insurance company will outline your case much as we do.

Depending on the nature of your injuries, and where they occurred, the investigation will follow a sequence of events.

For example, if you were hurt in a motor vehicle crash, the insurance company will examine your driving record, insurance coverage, police reports, witness statements, and any evidence obtained from the scene just like we will.

However, their first line of defense is often contacting the injured party to ask for a statement that may help exonerate their policyholder from any liability in the crash.


Insurance company representatives have long-standing response strategies that help minimize their exposure, allowing them to keep most of the total $1.28 trillion net premiums written last year.

Hoping to catch you in a vulnerable position, they will ask questions about how the accident occurred, your injuries, what type of care you are getting, and whether you can go back to work.

The goal is to get the injured person to say seemingly harmless things like, “I could have stopped sooner” when asked about the crash, or “I’m okay” or “I’m going back to work” when asked about their injuries. All these responses will impact the injured person’s ability to pursue the best financial outcome for their claim.

The insurance company may also request your medical records, which they are not entitled to without your permission. Never sign any document from the insurance company, as it may include a blanket release that gives them access to your complete medical history.

Insurance representatives may scrutinize your social media accounts, run a full background check, and ask your friends, neighbors, and even family members about your behavior after the injuries occurred.

These representatives have endless resources to investigate every aspect of an injury, as they work to deny your claim completely. Do not give them a statement or access to your personal information without consulting our skilled personal injury lawyers in Charlotte first. We can help protect your rights and outline the legal options available to pursue your case.

How Can Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt Help Build My Personal Injury Case for Success?

No personal injury attorney can guarantee results. However, our experienced legal advocates have recovered millions of dollars for injury victims throughout North Carolina in past cases to help make sure that their expenses are covered, and dignity restored.

Once we take your case, our dedicated Charlotte personal injury attorneys may:

  • Route all insurance company communication through our office
  • Partner with investigators and research analysts to conduct an independent examination into the incident that caused your injuries
  • Collect valuable evidence and eyewitness accounts of how your injuries occurred
  • Outline the extent of your injuries with medical professionals
  • Ensure your rights are protected and your complete financial needs are outlined
  • Guide you through the legal process, so you understand each step of your personal injury claim from evidence gathering, initial claim filing, negotiations, and any potential need to go to trial

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