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What Comes Next After I Hire You?

May 26, 2015

You treat, you get better.  Do what the doctor tells you to do.  Make sure that you are going to all of the doctor’s visits – you are doing what you need to do, and you get better.  Once you get better, then call us and let us know.  Once you’re done treating, that’s when MY job really begins.  We request all of the medical records.  We compile them into a demand packet, which is a short story of how this crash happened and the medical treatment you received.  We send that out to the adjuster and the adjuster and I begin to negotiate.  You won’t hear from me while you are treating me because there’s nothing I can do for you at that time.  Once I get the top number from the adjuster, I give you a call and we talk about it.  I tell you what that top number means for you and what that’s going to put in your pocket.  Then we make a decision do we accept the top number or do we go to trial?  I bring you in if we have to go to trial and we talk about the costs and time associated with going to trial and the time needed from you.  That’s one thing we are not afraid of here at Dewey Ramsay & Hunt we are not afraid to go to trial.