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Summer is in the Way: So is an Increase in Vehicle Collisions Throughout North Carolina

April 14, 2024

At Dewey, Ramsay & Hunt, P.A., our Charlotte car accident attorneys know that the risk of motor vehicle crashes increases with summer temperatures in North Carolina and nationwide.

A Science Direct study found trends reflect that Americans drive the most miles during the warm summer, with weekends and certain holidays with increased alcohol consumption also seeing spikes in roadway crashes, injuries, and deaths.

Unfortunately, those are not the only reasons crashes rise during summer. Here, we discuss other contributing factors.

Summer is in the Way So is an Increase in NC Vehicle Collisions

Why North Carolina Car Accidents Increase in the Summer Months

To help you understand the hazards of summer, here are the most common reasons why car accidents rise in the warm weather months.

  • Traffic Congestion

Many families take vacations when their children are off school in the summer. In addition, there are more vacation opportunities since the weather is usually more enjoyable in many parts of the country. In short, Summer brings more road travelers, and traffic congestion leads to more crashes.

The lovely summer weather also attracts motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, and it can be more challenging for other drivers to see them. This can contribute to additional accidents in motorists’ hometowns and while traveling for vacations.

  • Tourists

According to the Department of Commerce, North Carolina welcomed around 43 million visitors last year, making it the sixth most visited state in the country.

Tourism is exceptionally high during summer, especially near vacation destinations like beaches, lakes, and campsites. Their lack of familiarity with the area can cause them to drive while distracted if looking at a navigation device or printout of directions.

Being in an unfamiliar place can also make motorists more tentative and less able to negotiate unfamiliar roads, sudden turns, or turnoffs with poor or missing signage. Each of these can make motorists more prone to driving mistakes. When drivers get lost in unfamiliar areas, it is much easier to make rash decisions and cause an accident.

  • More Teenage Drivers

Because school is out in the summer, more young and inexperienced drivers are on the roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), teenagers are the age group most involved in summer car crashes. On average, 260 teenagers die in car accidents each summer.

  • Impaired Driving

Summer is also when many people take vacations and celebrate at barbeques where alcohol is often served. According to the NHTSA, summer crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers are almost double the number of fatal car crashes that occur in all of the other months combined.

  • More Road Construction

Construction projects often peak during the summer months due to favorable weather conditions. With more construction activity, more workers, vehicles, equipment, and temporary barriers are present in construction zones, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

In addition, construction zones are dynamic environments with frequently changing traffic patterns, lane closures, detours, and temporary signage. Drivers may encounter unexpected changes or unfamiliar road configurations in construction zones, leading to confusion, hesitation, and potential accidents.

Summer road safety is essential to protect all road users and prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities. By promoting awareness and encouraging safe driving behaviors, communities can create safer roads for everyone to enjoy during the summer months and beyond.

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